Leslie Pelkey

“This training club is amazing and very very helpful and you can tell that they all love animals and want to help.”

– February, 2020 –

Pat FA Williams

“Trainers are awesome and really care about your dog. Great group of people.”

– February, 2020 –

Rich N Carol Rhone

“My dog Bentley and I are are learning so much in the beginner class. I would highly recommend taking a class, the volunteer staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. We can’t wait for next week. Thank you so much❤️?”

– November, 2019 –

Jacqueline V Russell

“The Instructors are so Patient Kind and compassionate to all the Dogs. They are truely a helpful group to get your Dog trained and to be that Best friend any man or woman wants to have in their Home.”

– June, 2019 –

Peggy Lehnen

“A great group of people who love dogs and are willing to help their owners work with and train their dogs. I have been going to them for many years and finally joined upon retirement. I run Rally Excellent and Masters courses on Thursday nights.”

– September, 2018 –

Barbara Cable Orishak

“Wally, our cocker spaniel and I went through the puppy training classes. We learned so much and use what we learned everyday. Wally is now 3 and we are back in the advanced class with the goal of getting a CGC title. Our goal after that is to become a AKC Trick dog… so much fun with some of the nicest dog people ever!”

– August, 2018 –

Rona Bernard Fenster

“So far so good. Bruno has learned the commands from the first class.”

– November, 2017 –

Claire-Amy Roberts

“I adopted a shelter dog with a lot of potential. I didn’t want to take him to the big box pet store for training. LBDTC and their volunteers got us through basic obedience and we’re able to answer and help me with many questions I had. They are great!”

– April, 2017 –

Tina Hutchinson

“We signed up our 24 week old Newfie puppy for Obedience Class & attended the first one on Tuesday. The class was great, just the right size. We accomplished a lot within 1 hour-“sit, down, heel” & my favorite, “look”. Tom was a great instructor & was very helpful in determining what collar would work best for our little guy.”

– April, 2017 –