Tracie became a member of LBDTC in 2022. She has been taking classes with her GSD/Husky mix rescue, Jax who they rescued in July 2021. Tracie and Jax have trained at LBDTC in Beginners and Advanced Obedience, Intro to Agility, Attention, and Rally. They have also taken gym classes and private sessions outside of the club. Jax’s titles include: CGC, FITB, FITS (AKC FIT DOG – bronze and silver (currently working toward gold). Tracie is an assistant trainer for both Beginners and Advanced Obedience.

Tracie has opened her heart and her home to GSD or GSD/Husky mixes for the last 25 years and supports rescue organizations that work with GSDs. Tracie and Jax enjoy exploring the outdoors and strolling through the neighborhood. And last but not least, Jax loves it when his family takes him out to dinner at local eateries and breweries.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are” – C.J. Frick