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Lower Bucks
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Family Dog Training Classes

Puppy Class
Puppy class is the first step to a lifetime of good dog manners, socialization and education.  Owners will have fun with their puppy as they are being taught basic commands on a puppy level. Any problems you may have with your puppy such as housebreaking, walking on a leash, etc. will be addressed.  Everything is taught on a puppy level with the focus being upbeat and having fun with your puppy. Puppies will have time to play with other puppies as they prepare to be awarded AKC’s PUPPY STAR certification.

Beginner Dog Training Class
Focusing on five basic behaviors, the Beginner Class helps owners and dogs achieve success through structured activities and positive dog training methods. Trainers also help owners understand how to use the basic commands at home to turn that unruly bundle of joy into a well-behaved family pet.

Advanced Beginner Dog Training Class
Your dog can become a Canine Good Citizen! The Advanced Beginner Class reinforces the behaviors learned in the Beginners Class, teaches new behaviors, and ends with the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test to certify that your dog is ready for the world!

Competition Dog Obedience Classes

Rally Obedience Class
Think you’re not interested in or eligible for competition? Think again! Rally Obedience combines obedience exercises and lots of praise to create a sport that’s just plain FUN! And if you want, your dog (yes, YOUR dog) can get an obedience trial too! Introduction classes teach the exercises, while Advanced classes prepare dogs and handlers for the competition ring.

Novice Dog Training Class
This class offers the opportunity to prepare dog and handler for Obedience competition at the Novice Level leading to a Companion Dog (CD) title.

Open Dog Training Class
Dogs and handlers learn and prefect the exercises needed to achieve a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.

Utility Dog Training Class
Dogs and handlers learn and perfect the exercises needed to achieve the Utility Dog (UD) title.


Agility Dog Training Classes

These classes gives your dog the opportunity to think and reason. We offer the correct, positive way to learn agility equipment and prepare your dog for future agility course work. Learn the equipment and fundamentals in a quiet, closed setting for a solid foundation for best results.


Additional Dog Training Classes

Occasionally other classes are offered.





For the safety of all concerned, dogs deemed aggressive by the training staff will be dismissed from class.

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Lower Bucks
Dog Training Club, Inc.
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